BioLab Games

project objectives
  • Create and assess the merits of an authentic online biology game on students’ learning outcomes and motivation
  • Offer field experience (i.e., within Vanier) to students in MicroMedia so that they can enrich their portfolio to present to potential employers

In BioLab: Digestion players will compete to break down starch in the mouth using enzymes. Through kinesthetic, auditory, and visual modes students will learn how enzymes break down complex starches using a Universal Design of Learning approach.

Biology students have put together the game scenario. Micromedia students will be creating the games, including illustrations, UX / UI, and this website with background information.

In Phase 1, ending August 2022

  • students involved in the project will be giving feedback & responding to questionnaires
  • students and other Vanier community members will early iterations of the games and give feedback

In Phase 2, slated for 2022-2023, the games will be used in classrooms, to reinforce learning and feedback will be gathered on the effectives of the games. This will lead to further game development and iterations.

building assets for the game

BioLab: Digestion