BioLab Gameplay Concept

Level 1 Version 1 Sketches

Here is the first level visualized with the initial information understood. The main idea behind this level consists of connecting the string of balls known as the substrates to the enzymes causing the string to divide themselves. For this part of the project, Illustrator was used in order to convey the information provided through powerpoints in a visual way. This is just the first version of the level's concept, through discussions, problems within the concept have been found. Stay tuned for more.

Level 1 Version 2 Sketches

Here is the second version of the first level. As you can see, there are a few changes that have been made. First of all, the enzymes now only accept substrates which are hexagons with circular and triangular substrates floating around to show the player that the enzymes won't accept everything. The string of hexagonal substrates will be divided and separated based on which enzyme it hits and connects to.

Game 2 Version 1 Sketches

These illustrations were made to put the second game in perspective which will focus on the stomach after the food has been devoured through the mouth. The colour palette focuses on the more vibrant side of things to keep up with the video game aesthetic.

Introductory Animation

Fresh meal

Introductory animation that introduces that main subject in which we will be analyzing the digestive system of. This GIF represents the beginning of the game in a way that implements context and storytelling.

BioLab Illustrated Enzymes

Game Enzymes

BioLab Illustrated Elements

Version 1 Illustrations
Version 2 Illustrations
Version 3 Illustrations